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    Me: “Man I don’t think my hype bubble for 1989 could get any bigger”

    Taylor: “NONSENSE”

    Taylor: image

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  • Taylor Swift’s Response to Sexist Song Speculations

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  • @rossoondrive: Today on @RossoOnDrive: Bugsy meets his favourite @taylorswift13! (x)

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  • Taylor Swift performs Love Story for the Teen Awards

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    Sophie Monk and Merrick Watts chat to Taylor Swift about people commenting on who she writes about in her songs.


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    Live at Berlin - Taylor didn’t talk about this song, but there are some very different vocals, specially before the brigde.

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  • Anonymous
    Tell me then. Give me songs that are not about her exes!



     Not written about exes? Alright then.

    • Mary’s Song
    • Teardrops On My Guitar
    • A Place In This World
    • Tied Together With A Smile
    • Stay Beautiful 
    • The Outside
    • Love Story
    • Hey Stephen
    • 22
    • You Belong With Me
    • Invisible
    • Superstar
    • Change
    • The Best Day
    • Breathe
    • Fifteen
    • Fearless
    • I’m Only Me When I’m with You
    • Sparks Fly
    • Mean
    • Innocent
    • The Lucky One
    • Never Grow Up
    • Enchanted
    • The Lucky One
    • Long Live
    • Stay Stay Stay
    • Girl At Home
    • Starlight
    • Christmas Must Be Something More
    • Safe and Sound
    • Eyes Open
    • Crazier
    • Sweeter Than Fiction
    • Shake It Off

    and Oh! she also wrote You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home (Hannah Montana Movie)

    Pretty sure as SOON AS 1989 DROPS I can guarantee you the list will be  a lot longer than this.